The world´s first “Free2Earn” game!

What´s more fun than creating memes together with strangers on the internet? Well, how about getting paid for doing so!

Daobee is a free-to-play NFT-creation browser-game in which players create exciting art, memes and stories together with others. All artworks are put up for public auction as NFTs and all earnings are getting shared equally between the players and Daobee.

Create art together!

The core game is simple: Starting with just a title all players have limited time to draw the most exciting, beautiful or funny picture they can think of. At same time all suggestions are put up for vote in order to decide which picture is the best! The winning picture becomes the starting-point of the next round, where players change and modify the picture to improve it. Additionally the artist of the winning picture becomes an official co-author and will get a share of the earnings from the following NFT auction. The game continues for a set number of rounds or until the players agree to end it.

"Bees together stronk" - Daobee connects!

NFTs play a vital role on Daobee. Not only does every game potentially create a new NFT, but NFTs are also used to unlock new functional and cosmetic features. All Daobee NFTs in your connected wallet will either unlock perks exclusive to that NFT or add to your personal "Honey-meter”, which will unlock more and more features as the counter goes up!

On top of that you will be able to unlock features by holding NFTs from our offical partners, making Daobee into IOTAs first "Layer-2 NFT utility" provider!


Daobee design principles



Daobee will bring new audiences into IOTA by being fun, accessible and free to play! While most crypto-games shock their new users with considerable starting-costs, Daobee will allow everyone to join in without any prior crypto-experience. However, without a connected wallet users will not be able to earn while playing, creating interest in newcomers to make their first steps into crypto.


Multiply - Connect the IOTA NFT ecosystem

Daobee will allow partnering NFTs to unlock features on the platform - a new concept that we call “Layer-2 NFT utility”. This will accelerate growth and community in the whole IOTA NFT ecosystem and introduce a completely new layer of answers to the age-old question “what are NFTs good for?”.


Connect – With art and memes

We believe that connecting people in art and games will always unleash their best creative potential. On Daobee people from all walks of life will form a melting pot of wild ideas and cultures - a birthing place of new perspectives and viral memes.


Earn together

Players creating value for other players - this is the core of Daobees play2earn philosophy. No "new-players-pay-old-players" pyramid-schemes: Everyone will be able to play Daobee for free and earn $BEES token just by creating art, memes and utility-NFTs for the community.




Daobee reveal + whitepaper

Introducing Daobee to the public and bringing in early community.


NFT sale + partnership reveals

Funding Daobee and setting sails for development


Closed beta

Early supporters will be invited to help with testing.


Public beta

Everybody can play! Help us making playing Daobee the best experience possible!


Daobee 1.0

We did it! Play Daobee for free, create art and earn with others!


Expand the Bee!

Adding new game modes, features and mobile support!


The Team


Patrick the Penguin

Patrick Fischer | Pathin#0001 | Co-Founder | CEO + CTO | Tech

Crypto nerd and IOTA maximalist since 2017. Guardian of spec. Co-founder of the IOTA Content Creators DAO and dancer of Discord. Background as professional software engineer, went full time crypto-degen in 2022.

Motto: "Ask and It Is Given."


Linus the Lizard

Linus Naumann | Linus (Embrace the bee)#5313 | Co-Founder | COO | Marketing

Long-time IOTA supporter, tech-educator and co-founder of the IOTA Content Creators DAO. Background in genetic engineering and science communication at Max-Planck Institute before going full crypto-degen.

Motto: "Sometimes you reap what you sow!"


Beny the Bear

Benedikt Naumann | Git#6969 | Co-Founder | CDO | Development

Full time nerd and crypto enthusiast. Likes to lift heavy and to get way to deep into nerdy topics. Hodling cryptos since the early days and believes IOTA will win. Aims to be a full-time crypto degen soon.

Motto: "Levo ergo sum."


Felicia the Fox

Felicia Kaßenbrock | Felicia#9845 | Lead UI / UX Designer

Crazy designer with a love of detail and more than 10 years of professional experience. Lover of handcrafts. Master of arts in media production. Originally from Indonesia and now living in Germany. IOTA hodler.

Motto: "Daobee to the moon!"

Our Partner


Magic Meme Money


The IOTarot

Munkii Lab




Green NFT

IOTA Whales

Shimmer Sheep

Rusty Robot Country Club





Moonaco Podcast




Initial NFT crowdfunding at Monday 9th of May 2022 on Soonaverse. Game platform release later this year.